Supervisor Antonovich made the motion to support the Days Inn Conditional Use Permit. In our opinion, this has sealed our fate that violent sex offenders, prostitutes, and child rapists will continue to thrive in this area.  He ignored the 125 signatures from the businesses and homes, which represents over 200 people, around the Days Inn which was one of the motels that first brought the criminal element to us.  He ignored history-- the official report from Arcadia, the report from Pasadena and the Sherriff department.  He reversed the LA Planning Commission's Recommendations.  He moved to forgive the Days Inn's past violations and further he moved to ignore their current code violations.  He supported his personal friend, Mr. Lewis a paid lobbyist. He supported the motel industry lobbyists who were there in large numbers.  He denied our legal right to self determination as a community.  Conditional Use Permits were designed to let the neighborhood speak and he moved to silence our protests.  The other members of the board followed.   He offered a olive branch by denying the Lucky Star's permit.  We say "Big deal" as it has a history so egregious that the place was indefensible.  But it's owner has already told us she has been shutdown before at her other motels and she always comes back.  

Some hope was offered in that the neighboring motel the El Rancho may not be allowed to subsist primarily off the income from the Department of Corrections Sex Offendor program under the protection of LA County.  There may be hope that each motel will be limited to one sex offender thus vastly decreasing the associated county and state beaurcracies' incentive to protect them.  State law prohibits the housing of more than one sex offender in a single-family residence but not a facility.  The State Department of Corrections has chosen to place Six Sex Offenders in a house in the same block as these motels.   This house was purchased by a sex offender as his primary residence, thus the State of California is financing the purchase of a sex offender's home by paying him to house himself and 5 other sex offenders.  This is a LA Co. program since the LA County Sherriff oversees the sex offenders in this house.   These are the kind of activities Supervisor Antonovich ignores and lets fester.  


Past"Update: County Board of Supervisors Meeting 9/22/2009 Topic Our Neighborhood specifically
the Two Motels slated for closure!" This is a must attend meeting!

We are a community group dedicated to improving the living conditions in our neighborhood.
We are concerned about the presence of "low budget" motels other bad businesses as a centers of criminal activity.
We are concerned with the presence of Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Criminals in our neighborhood.
We are dedicated to protecting our children and families from these threats.
We are working to remove these threats from our community through the political process.
And by holding our elected officials responsible for their actions.

As is obvious by the dates the LA County has been putting us off, but our day is near, Tuesday 9/22/2009 9:30 A.M Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration 500 W. Temple ST LA. Our County board of Supervisors is hearing the appeals of the two motels that we got the planning commission to vote to shutdown.  Bring the truth about all the bad business along East Colorado 91107 to the meeting.  Help us insure they are shutdown for good.  If we succeed this precedent will help change LA County for the better forever. 

October lst 2008 Planning Commission Meeting Update (the meeting)
The planning commission gives in.  Mr. Modugno (Antonovich) of the Planning Commission continued his leadership moving to deny other board members joined him by seconding the motions.
Vote: 5 to 0 against the reissuance of a CUP for the Lucky Star Motel
         4 to 1 against the reissuance of a CUP for the Regal Inn (Days Inn)
The Chair Mr. Helsley (Burke) was the lone no vote against Mr. Modugno's motions to deny.  Certainly the hotels will appeal to the full County Board of Supervisors.  Many have helped and we thank each one of you.  We have begun the first step to making lasting improvements.  But it is only a first step.

(For background information this section has not been updated)
September 10th Planning Commission Meeting (4th meeting) 
Finally Mr. Modugno (Antonovich)  of the Planning Commission accepted leadership and stood up against the committee Chair Mr. Helsley (Burke) who has been steering the committee against our effort.  Representatives of the Pasadena Law enforcement, Arcadia Law enforcement and the Temple City Sheriffs all weighed in against the crime this motels foster (Thank you). Mr. Modugno was responsible for a motion to deny the permits of the Lucky Start (4-0 vote) and the Regal Inn (2-1).  These denial motions are not final until re-voted upon on OCTOBER 1st at the Commission meeting.  We must be there one and all from all the surrounding areas to insure change continues today and progresses into tomorrow.  Our loud and clear voices must ring in the ears of our government officials at all levels.  This represents a historic opportunity to join with our neighbors to change the character of East Pasadena along Colorado Boulevard in the unincorporated area of the county and beyond.

Our Group (updated)
In summary, we are a community group fighting to better our neighborhood with precious little help from the LA County Government.  Historically, sex crimes have been associated with East Colorado Blvd and especially within and around our 3700 block.  In the past, this was partly due to the lack of County resources and partly due to benign neglect.  For decades, we have seen crime go up and down in this area depending on the availability of county funding for the Sheriff Deputies and programs in our area.  Presently along with the drugs and prostitution the addition problem of a high concentration of sex offenders financed by the California State Parole and approved by the county has encouraged more sex related businesses in the area.

Our Effort (updated)
Despite recent actions by the LA planning commission, it is still largely Government organizations who are involved in the degradation of our quality of life, especially for our children.  We are actively fighting the State and Local Board of Parole.  They are dumping sex offenders in hotels and neighborhood homes. These sex offenders are located around our legitimate, taxpaying neighborhood businesses and houses, and having a financial, emotional, and psychological impact. Until recently the LA County Planning Commission supported the motels, whose licenses are in question, against the wishes of our Neighborhood and adjoining areas.  Apparently the LA county licensing commission is still granting licenses for sex related businesses and the housing of sex offenders in homes in the neighborhood.  It is not clear to us why these licenses are granted despite the neighborhoods wishes to the contrary.

The placement of so many sex offenders and parolees in these low budget hotels has resulted in an unreasonable and unethical concentration of child and other rapists in and around the 3700 block (58 in the 91107 - check the Megan's law website). The number and the rotation of felons is way out of proportion to our two block area.  Unfortunately, many elements of the State and the County governments still have a vested financial interest in keeping the neighborhood full of felons, child rapists, parolees, including sex related businesses. Their gain has been our loss.

It is important to note that these motels are present only by virtue of Conditional Use Permits, not zoning, and if they filed today as a new business would be turned down.  Now, the permits have either run out or are up for re-issuance.  WE HAVE SPOKEN LOUDLY THAT THESE MOTELS AND THESE PRACTICES BY THE STATE PAROLE BOARD  MUST GO.

In addition to many home and business owners, we have received support from parents, concerned citizens, teachers, and PTA members from Willard Elementary and Wilson Middle School (Pasadena), Hugo Reid Elementary School (Arcadia), and Sierra Madre Elementary School (Sierra Madre).  Our residents and business leaders have fought the crime, as only citizens can, by alerting law enforcement of observed crimes at and around the hotels as well as in our neighborhoods.

We look forward to your continuing support and encourage you to contact us if you wish to actively support us - there are many ways in which to help.